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The British brand Haxnicks creates extraordinary garden products that have been developed professionally and lovingly. In our online shop, find a large selection of cloches, trellises, planting bags, tunnels and other useful products for your garden. These boast outstanding quality and a high level of user-friendliness, making gardening even more fun!

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A British family business with green fingers

Grandpa Haxnick's Victorian glass cloches inspired the development of the company's first products. These were sturdy plastic cloches, unbreakable in contrast to Grandpa's originals. As these cloches become more popular, other products were added, and Haxnicks quickly became known as a manufacturer of garden products that were as useful as they were original. Today, countless passionate gardeners rely exclusively on Haxnicks products, which offer innovative solutions to numerous garden-related problems.

Exceptional products from Haxnicks at Bloomling

A passion for gardening is what inspires Haxnicks to continuously develop extraordinary products. Everything they make has one goal: To help you get the most out of your garden. Whether you have a large lawn, a bed or grow in pots on a balcony, Haxnicks' have the perfect product. The range includes the following:

  • Cloches
  • Planting bags
  • Crop protection
  • Climbing aids
  • Garden tools
  • Garden accessories

With Haxnicks, growing is easy. Haxnicks' product range covers all stages from germination to planting, making an important contribution to healthy growth and a rich harvest.

Haxnicks' popular grow bags allow you to grow delicious and healthy home-grown vegetables and fruit even when space is limited. Since the pretty and practical plant bags are easy to transport, they are also ideal for school projects or if you move frequently. The special material of the plant bags also promotes the healthy root growth of your plants and allows them to grow larger and stronger even in a small space.

Haxnicks offers a range of products to give your plants optimal protection all year round. Foils and tunnels help produce earlier and richer harvests and prevent damage from frost, wind and sun.

Climbing aids ensure the stable growth of your plants, supporting tomatoes and much more.

Haxnicks' practical garden tools boast fantastic design and great high material and processing quality. They make a significant contribution to your gardening happiness and enable you to work in a targeted and gentle manner.

Useful garden accessories perfectly round off the Haxnicks range. In the Bloomling online shop, find a large selection of unique Haxnicks products that are guaranteed to inspire you to great gardening feats.