Gardening Guide

Your Sowing Plan for April Your Sowing Plan for April

When it gets to April we can't wait to get started - the new gardening season really has begun! Find out what you can sow and which seedlings can be germinated inside.

Starting Your Garden Season Starting Your Garden Season

As soon as the first signs of spring appear, one can't help but start daydreaming about gardening! Find out what kind of plants you can start planting!

Grow Your Own Avocados Grow Your Own Avocados

Whether added to a salad or squashed onto toast, avocados are a delicacy. Unfortunately, they also leave a huge carbon footprint. But there is a solution: Did you know that you can also grow your own avocados, then enjoy them without a guilty...

GARDENA Holiday Watering GARDENA Holiday Watering

Summertime is holiday time. And with GARDENA, there is no need to worry about your garden, balcony, or indoor plants while you are away. This perfect plantsitter provides the correct amount of water while you relax by the sea, explore the...

How To Grow Tiger Nuts Yourself How To Grow Tiger Nuts Yourself

Full of fibre, versatile and easy to grow - tiger nuts are a real superfood. Find out everything you need to know about the origin, properties and cultivation of this fruit.

Mould On Potting Soil - Harmless Or Dangerous? Mould On Potting Soil - Harmless Or Dangerous?

Which hobby gardener wouldn't recognise the delicate, white fluff that likes to form on the soil of indoor and potted plants. Unfortunately, mould cannot always be prevented so read on to find out what you can do to combat mould on potting soil...

A Simple Guide To Garden Tools A Simple Guide To Garden Tools

Discover which garden tools every hobby gardener should have and what you should look out for. When well equipped, gardening is even more fun.