Gardening Guide

Protect Plants Naturally

Did you know that you can protect plants naturally with herbal preparations? Read on to find out more.

July - Time to Harvest

Watering, cutting back, harvesting - exclusive tips from the author and nature gardener Angelika Ertl on what to do in the garden in the summer month of July.

What helps against ants in the garden?

Who hasn't seen them, a line of ants marching across the garden? These busy little creatures are anything but pests because they take on numerous important tasks in the garden. Nonetheless, they can also be a nuisance. Find out more here.

Gardening with Children

Keeping busy in the garden is fun - especially for children. Gardening helps children learn a lot about nature and it also strengthens their immune system. Find out how you can make gardening interesting and enjoyable for your children!

Cut flowers from the balcony

Fresh cut flowers are enchanting with their irresistible beauty. They add a special flair to every room, alone or in lovingly composed bouquets. Find out how you can grow your own cut flowers on your balcony. Let's go!

Starting Your Garden Season

As soon as the first signs of spring appear, one can't help but start daydreaming about gardening! Find out what kind of plants you can start planting!

Lawn irrigation done right

So that your lawn is vital, lush and green and has few weeds, you have to water it regularly. However, this is not as easy as initially thought. Read more here.