Cut flowers from the balcony

Cut flowers from the balcony

How to turn your balcony into a garden for cut flowers

1. It depends on the orientation of the balcony

Whether you can transform your balcony into a colourful sea of flowers depends primarily on its orientation. Basically: the more sun, the more flowers. A balcony facing west or east is ideal. If facing south, you can expect abundant blooms but you will also have to water a lot. On a north-facing balcony it will be difficult to have your own cut flower garden.

2. The right planters

All planters are suitable for growing cut flowers - as long as they have holes at the bottom through which excess water can flow out. In addition, they should be around 30 cm deep so that there is enough soil for the roots to form. Whether you combine several identical planters for a uniform flower bed look or prefer an eclectic mix of different pots and boxes for a cool bohemian flower garden depends entirely on your personal taste.

3. How to design your cut flower garden

The right design is particularly important in a cut flower garden because you should be able to reach all the flowers easily when you want to cut them. This rule applies to a balcony too and you should consider this when arranging your plant planters and boxes - so you don't have to contort yourself later.

4. What types of flowers grow on the balcony?

All flowers that are suitable for the garden can also be grown in planters, tubs and boxes on the balcony. But there are some that are more suitable for beginners than others. These include nicotiana , nigellas , cosmos , zinnias and phlox. Varieties that stay small are also suitable for smaller window boxes.

5. The right substrate for ideal growth

A big advantage of a cut flower garden on the balcony is that you can offer your flowers the perfect soil. It is best to lay down a thin layer of pebbles in pots and tubs before filling them up with organic potting soil. In addition to drainage holes, this is another way to prevent waterlogging and root rot.

6. Sow outside directly or start indoors first?

Once it's warm enough outside, you can sow seeds for cut flower seeds directly into pots, tubs, and boxes. You can sow some varieties such as gold poppy and love-in-a-mist already in March. Others should be started indoors starting in March and planted out in May. We recommend starting indoors so that you have better chances of vigorous growth later.

7. How to maintain your cut flower garden on the balcony

Regular watering, some organic fertiliser and sufficient sun are essential ingredients for a cut flower garden to thrive on the balcony. And best of all: If you regularly cut flowers for the vase, the flowering period will usually extend until the first frost. The plants will keep putting out new flowers if they are prevented from going to seed. So you can enjoy the magical splendour of your cut flower garden both indoors and outdoors.

Enjoy your garden of cut flowers!