Winterizing Garden Plants & Potted Plants

Winterizing Garden Plants & Potted Plants

Winter sometimes comes up fast, bringing frost and cold spells. Since most plants are sensitive to cold, you need to be on the lookout for signs of winter. First, the plants' leaves turn silvery-white to grey, then the whole leaf dies and with bad luck, the whole plant dies. Often plants that are not prepared will not survive the first frost of the year. Here are a few tips on preventing them from dying in the cold.

Dress them warmly

Plants that are not native to your climate are often not prepared for winter and need to be protected from the cold. You can wrap your plants with thick burlap to protect them from the cold. It is also important to keep your plants raised off the ground, otherwise cold can get into your pots from the roots. Alternatively, you can put your pots on Styrofoam coasters to keep them warm and insulated from the cold.

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Keep them sheltered from the wind

Wind can also be an issue in the garden as it makes cold temperatures feel even colder. To increase your plants' chances of survival, protect them from the wind. You can protect them in a converted greenhouse hibernation area, or store them in bright garages or staircases.

Don't forget to water them

Even though plants are hibernating, they still need water to live. Plants that are spending their winter in greenhouses or wrapped in protective films tend to lose water through evaporation quickly. Remember to water them regularly.