Summer Vacation in Your Own Garden

Summer Vacation in Your Own Garden

As the temperatures climb, many are drawn to the sea or to the mountains. But in times like these, where there is always a risk that the vacation will have to be cancelled at short notice because of sudden, short-term travel restrictions, more and more people are choosing to vacation at home in their own garden. This not only has the advantage that packing your suitcase and the stress of travel are no longer necessary. A vacation in your own garden can also be incredibly relaxing and beautiful if you make the right preparations. Here are a few tips for that.

Sun Protection

Depending on your garden, sun protection may be necessary. This is especially a good idea when there are only a few trees to provide shade. We can recommend the CANNES Sun Sail by Windhager, for example. With a size of 20 sq m, it offers sufficient shade for a large seating group of furniture. It is also wind and water repellent and offers 50+ UV protection in its shade.


There are few things more comfortable than a hammock. In a gently rocking hammock you can literally let your soul swing and forget all your daily stress. The natural hammock by Bahia is not only particularly comfortable thanks to its special weave, but it is also Fair Trade and very robust. It is made of 100% cotton and invites you to linger and relax.

Garden Furniture

You can relax and spend time in your own garden if you have the right garden furniture. There are many sets that look great but are anything but comfortable. Choose wisely. After all, what use is an extremely stylish garden couch that gives you back pain after ten minutes?

Fortunately, you can have the best of worlds - furniture that is not only stylish and good-looking but comfortable too. Outdoor furniture by Lafuma is highly recommended on both counts. The Sphinx Lounge Chair by Lafuma looks elegant and offers real comfort with its extra large backrest and can be quickly and easily put away when not in use thanks to the clever folding mechanism.

Chilled Beverages and Food

Of course, your own garden is great for a picnic too. Healthy snacks during a break are super practical and ensure physical well-being. But what about on hot summer days when you yearn for something chilled? The sagaform cooler bag takes care of this problem. It is made of linen, looks stylish and keeps beverages and snacks reliably cool. Thanks to its handy size and shape, it can be transported easily and without problems, which also makes it perfect for trips to the pool.

Fire Bowls

Last but not least, we should also think of balmy evenings - when it is slowly getting dark, but it's just too beautiful to go indoors. A fire bowl in the garden such as the ones by Keilbach is ideal for such occasions. It is made of weatherproof steel, has a diameter of 80 cm and is ready for immediate use. Over time, it also develops a beautiful rust patina.