A Litre of Sunlight, Infinite Possibilities!

Sonnenglass combines green technology with nostalgic retro design and social responsibility. The result is a unique product that not only makes people happy, it helps them and the environment. The lamp can be used as a garden lamp, a solar lantern and a luminous companion for any outdoor activity. Customize your glass by filling it with whatever materials you like.

Charge during the day, glow during the night

The Sonnenglass features LEDs and a solar module in the lid that charges the LEDs during the day. Just leave the lamp in the sun during the day and enjoy a cosy glow at night.

The four integrated LEDs provide a wonderfully soft light that not only creates an incomparable atmosphere, it is even bright enough to read.

The Story of Sonnenglas

At first glance, the Sonnenglas may look like a lovely decoration. It was originally developed to give people without access to electricity a full source of light. Produced as a true fair trade product in South Africa , the Sonnenglass has created more than 65 full-time jobs for previously unemployed Soweto and Alexandra women and men. The glasses are handmade in exceptional quality.

Save energy, provide light and add a touch of South African joie de vivre to your garden!

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