Landscaping - Good Planning is Key

Our tips for easy landscaping

There's always something to do in the garden, but sometimes big changes are key! Here's what to do to make sure everything goes smoothly.

For big garden projects a plan is definitely a must. A lack of planning can cause a lot of problems.

Have a Plan for Construction

Planning your garden should be planned with your house in mind. You need to think about where your water or electricity will come from. Do you know where you want your beds? Plan them in relation to your water source so you can water them easily.

Phase 1: Inventory

First, consider the space you have available, even if you are just expanding your garden. Measure the area available.

What type of things do you want to include? An arch? A bench?

You don't always have to start from scratch, redesigning can easily incorporate your current design.

Phase 2: Create a Wish List

Now that you know what you want, collect ideas! Flip through gardening magazines for inspiration.

Keep in mind the size of your garden when you choose your accessories.

Phase 3: Select Your Plants

Choose the plants you want and plan your layout ahead of time.

Then the following questions are important:

What color do I want?

Think about how your plants will look next to each other, and consider the colors of your flowers when you plant them.

Will the plants get enough light?

When do you need to plant them?

What height will the plants be?

How much work will I have to put in the garden?

Depending on your preferences, you can choose how much work you want to put into your garden, it is just important to think about it ahead of time.

Phase 4: Details

Take some time to look over your plans more than once. Consider whether or not all the plants will have enough sun or shade. Taking the time to look over the details could save costly mistakes!

Tip: Less is more! Show your plants off to their best light by saving room for visual highlights.