A Simple Guide To Garden Tools

A Simple Guide To Garden Tools

Basic equipment from GARDENA

A great harvest ultimately results from the right garden tools. Spades, trowels and the like should be high quality and must suit your personal requirements. Here, we've put together a useful overview of the most important tools and their quality criteria.

What makes high-quality garden tools stand out?

Selected materials, robust workmanship and comfortable handling are the three basic pillars of high-quality garden tools. Tools that meet these criteria enable precise, ergonomic work and ensure excellent results.

These garden tools should not be missing from any tool shed:

  • Spade fork

A spade fork is indispensable when tilling soil. Unlike normal spades, forks preserve the soil and protect animals and plants that live in it. For this reason, forks are particularly suited to working in planted areas. Sturdy D-handles and forks made of hardened steel ensure back-friendly work, conserve your strength and produce excellent results.

  • Planting trowel

Planting trowels are essential for planting, transplanting and replanting, as well as shovelling work. Deep heads made of robust steel and ergonomically shaped handles enable comfortable and quick work in beds, raised beds and window boxes.

  • Hoe

When soil is loosened with hoes, it becomes permeable and plants grow healthy and strong. A hoe is also a useful tool as a supplement to a spade fork in particularly dense or rooted soil. Keep small cultivators and hoes on hand to loosen the soil in a way that protects roots.

  • Rake and broom

Regardless of whether you're removing leaves, small branches and plant cuttings, or for loosening the surface of the soil, rakes and brooms are part of the basic equipment of every gardener.

  • Weeder

With a weed puller, remove stubborn deep roots such as dandelions and keep your garden and beds weed-free. A softly padded, ergonomically shaped handle and a head made of hardened steel make working with a weed puller enjoyable.

  • Shears

Shears are indispensable. Whether used for harvesting, removing dead plant parts or plant pruning, with the right shears, secateurs or scissors, garden tasks can be completed quickly and easily and your plants will grow healthy and strong.

We also recommend equipping yourself with accessories such as buckets, watering cans and robust gloves.

GARDENA has the right tools for your work in the garden

From planting trowels to rakes and shears, GARDENA has a large selection of high-quality garden tools with comfortable handling and a long service life. They're reliable when gardening and ensure pleasant, back-friendly work and excellent results.

In addition to tools for tilling the soil, GARDENA offers a range of high-quality hand tools that, with their short handles, are perfect for raised beds and balcony boxes. Sets such as the city gardening balcony box contain practical basic tools that make gardening easy.

Maximum flexibility with the combisystem

With their combisystem, GARDENA produces a particularly high-quality and user-friendly tool series. It's perfect for the modern garden and is uniquely practical thanks to the possibility of combining different tools.

The high flexibility of the GARDENA combisystem allows you to combine different garden tools with different handles. As such, you'll always have the ideal tool at hand for every situation. In addition, the combisystem from GARDENA has:

  • A large selection of different tools and wooden, aluminium, telescopic and ergoline handles
  • Secure and wobble-free screw connections
  • Corrosion-protected heads made of high-quality steel coated with Duroplast
  • Ergonomically shaped handles with soft components for comfortable gardening

With tools from GARDENA's combisystem, gardening is stress-free and efficient. Plus, the tools and handles can be stored to save space over the winter. Their combisystem small tool set is ideal for beginner gardeners, for balcony gardens and for working on raised beds.

Have fun gardening and good luck!