Aries Homeopathic Emergency Drops

Stimulates & regenerates the plant

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When is it used?

  • To stop leaf loss, frost and drought damage and soil problems
  • Stimulates and regenerates the plant
  • To keep the plants healthy from the inside out - makes them less susceptible to diseases
  • Strengthens weakened plants and supports root regeneration

48 drops (2ml) per 1L irrigation water. Water every 1-2 weeks until the plant is completely regenerated. Then continue treatment with the homeopathic elixirs from Aries®. When used properly and as intended, there are no side effects on people, beneficial organisms and the ecosystem. Included in the list of plant strengtheners of the Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL).

Brands: Aries
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Ingredients :
Contains all essential substances for plants in a homeopathically dynamic form. 50% complex A in D4 (25% sulfur
in D8, 25% copper sulfate in D8 and 50% horsetail extract in D26); 50% complex B in D11 (60% mixture of biochemical functional agents in D20, 40% mixture of humus extracts, worm humus and loess in D20 and each <1% micronutrients in D12 and plant extracts in D8)

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