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Out of respect for the environment and people

Soil is the breeding ground for life. It provides the resources that life needs to develop and evolve. Since these resources aren't available in unlimited quantities, it is important to use them responsibly. Sonnenerde goes one step further and has started to develop its own resource: the Sonnenerde. This is the result of the tireless commitment of the employees, whose goal is to live and work in harmony with nature. With their products, they also want to give other people the opportunity to contribute to maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

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Fruit waste, green waste and controlled quality class 1 sludge are processed to make Sonnenerde. This creates soil with a high hummus and nutrient content, which is an optimal basis for the growth of your plants. So look forward to lush greenery, magnificent flowers and rich harvest yields in harmony with nature.

CO2 is only produced during combustion:

  • Composting binds carbon in the form of humus instead of releasing it. Sonnenerde thus relieves the atmosphere of our planet.

Sonnenerde makes frogs happier:

  • The gentle production of high-quality finished soil largely replaces most peat products. As a result, many valuable wet biotopes are preserved for our ecosystem.

Nature as fuel:

  • In 2013, a 150 kWp photovoltaic system was installed on the roofs of our halls. The technology and the vehicle fleet are gradually being converted to electricity as far as possible.