Kiepenkerl Green Asparagus "Boonlim" Rootstock - Seedlings

Ideal for delicious dishes

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • Strong flavour
  • Highly resistance
  • Don't have to be peeled


It's well known that green asparagus is healthier and less expensive to grow than white asparagus. It also tastes delicious and the "Boonlim" variety has a high resistance to the botrytis fungus. Enjoy a hearty asparagus risotto or numerous other dishes with your specially grown asparagus!

  • Botanical name: Asparagus officinalis

The perennial green asparagus grows above the earth and contains many minerals and vitamins. The variety has tightly closed buds and thick stems that do not have to be peeled. In contrast to white asparagus, green asparagus it is simply harvested close to the ground with a knife. Remove the leaves a hand above the ground in autumn. The first harvest is possible after two years.

Sowing Schedule: March, April
Planting Distance: 40 cm
Harvest: May, June
Brands: Kiepenkerl