September in Your Decorative Garden - Lots to Do!

September in Your Decorative Garden - Lots to Do!

Fertilise Roses

In early September, the best way to fertilise your roses is with a low-chloride potassium fertiliser. This promotes the lignification of the shoots. In addition, the potassium accumulates the sap in the plant, almost like a natural antifreeze. It also makes the rose shoots less sensitive.

Plant a New Lawn

Early September is the perfect time to plant a new lawn. The soil is still warm enough for the grass seeds to germinate quickly, but the air is not too hot.

Lawn Care

In autumn, it is necessary to trim the lawn to the correct length. Five centimetres growth is optimal - if the grass is too long, it can rot, but if it is too short, the roots lose their protection from the cold. Fallen leaves can also be mowed up easily, creating fertiliser for the lawn. On the other hand, if you leave the leaves to rot, they may cause fungal issues. Areas where you would like to build up moisture should be ventilated.

Plant Flower Bulbs

Plant fresh bulbs in September, planting them twice as deep as they grow high. For tulips, lilies and other species that are sensitive to moisture, you should add rough sand to the plant hole before adding the bulb.

Here you will find our large selection of autumn bulbs.

Plant Biennial Plants

If you have biennial plants in the garden, you can collect seeds in early September and sow them immediately. Just rough up the soil before sowing then gently push the seeds into the soil.

Note: If the soil is very dry you can water it carefully first.

Cut Dahlias

Cut away withered flowers, preferably over the first leaf below the inflorescence. This allows your dahlias to bloom until the first night frost.

Transplant Evergreen Plants

Evergreen trees can still be transplanted. By winter, then they have enough time to root. The plants are still vulnerable to frost damage in early winter, so some species, like Camellia,s should be replanted in the spring.

Thin Out Flower Buds on Chrysanthemums

If you want your chrysanthemums to flower beautifully in the fall, it is important to thin out dense flowers. Pinch off a few buds with your fingers. One bud per shoot produces huge flowers.

Plant Eranthis Plants

Eranthis plants form wonderful flowers in the spring. They like pH-neutral or calcareous garden soil, as well as a sunny to partially shaded place. The tubers are planted at a depth of about five centimetres. It is best to immerse the tubers in water for one night before planting.

Clean Nesting Boxes

In September, most bird species are done breeding. Their nest boxes, however, are still full of fleas, mites and ticks. Clean the nest boxes now, not later in the fall, otherwise, bumble bees or bats may use the boxes.

Set Up Hedgehog Houses

From September on, hedgehogs are looking for shelter for the winter. If you want to provide hedgehogs with a home, you should build it now.

Protect Ponds from Leaves

Now is the time to protect garden ponds with foliage nets. Often, in bad weather, the first trees lose their leaves at the end of September, which can lead to the formation of sludge.

That's all for now! Have fun gardening!