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Innovative vegan natural cosmetics

Hands on Veggies bring nature into your bathroom! Their unique products are made from ingredients that are as innovative as they are natural and pamper skin and hair with the best vegetables. This is unconventional but extremely effective. Vegetables are full of valuable nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants that ensure radiant skin and strong hair. And what cosmetics would be better suited for passionate gardeners than those that come straight from the garden?

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Innovative natural cosmetics with vegetable nutrients

Hands on Veggies uses natural ingredients from vegetables to create outstanding quality organic cosmetic products. Their products, including shower gel, shampoo and body mousse, contain valuable nutrients and vitamins from various types of vegetables. Since these natural ingredients are partly obtained through biofermentation, the range of valuable active ingredients is even greater than in products manufactured in a conventional way. Products from Hands on Veggies care for the skin and hair particularly intensively - and in an absolutely natural way.

These products are also preserved without artificial additives. A specially developed, multi-stage preservation process makes the products durable in a completely natural way. The fermented substances used ensure that the products last and make them even more caring. In addition, Hands on Veggies products meet the following criteria:

  • Vegan
  • Cruelty free
  • Naturally preserved through bio-fermentation
  • Certified organic by ECOGEA
  • Sustainability that goes beyond the content

If it says organic, it's not just organic on the inside, you can also find it outside - at least with Hands on Veggies' innovative products. Their sustainable philosophy is consistently applied here, which is why the packaging is made of eco-friendly material. This is a bio-based plastic made from sugar cane waste, which saves a lot of CO2 emissions during production and is also 100% recyclable. Whether content or packaging, everything is good here.

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