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Enjoy your summer to the fullest!

Summer, sun, sunshine - for many, summer is the best time of the year. We all cherish the hot days and balmy evenings we can enjoy outdoors. Whether you are having a barbecue, partying or just relaxing in your own garden or on your own balcony, there is so much to enjoy! Find all the products you need to turn your garden, your terrace or your balcony into your personal summer paradise!

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Irrigation Systems - for Beautifully Growing Plants

For healthy growth, plants simply need water. Clever irrigation systems are therefore an ideal way to provide your plants with water regularly and reliably. In addition to classic watering cans and garden hoses, find sprinkler systems and micro-drip systems in our online shop. No need to rely on your neighbours to water your plants while you're on holiday. Solve the problem yourself with these easy to use tools!

Shade & Sun Screens

Sometimes we just need to get out of the sun! Awnings are particularly popular and practical sun shades. They protect us from UV rays as well as the wind and rain. In addition, they look great and add attractive accents to your area. Thanks to the easy installation, they can also be easily moved.

Barbecues - Taste Your Way Through Summer!

Juicy steaks, delicious vegetables and cool sparkling refreshment - what would summer be like without barbecues? Whether with family or friends, grilling out is simply a summer highlight. Find everything you need here! We not only carry classic grills but also innovative outdoor firepits and bowls so you are guaranteed to find the perfect barbecue for your garden, your terrace or your balcony.

Hammocks & Beanbags - for Wonderfully Quiet Moments

After the party, it's time to rest and relax. Enjoy hammocks, hanging chairs and bean bags from our range. With their cheerful colours and their high quality, you can add flair to any area in your home!