Tree, Vine and Garden Shears by Felco

Garden Tools of the Best Quality

FELCO is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality cutting tools and impresses with solutions that are as sustainable as they are innovative. With its products, FELCO manages to make the technical know-how of the specialist market accessible to the private sector. This means that hobby gardeners can benefit from tools with the best cutting edges. Find a large selection of FELCO branch, pruning, vine and garden shears.

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FELCO - top quality made in Switzerland

FELCO has been striving for excellence for over 70 years. It has long been a working and development partner for the professional market, constantly working towards product innovation and quality. The constantly changing needs of the market and consumers are always in the foreground. FELCO only develops tools that are adapted to current requirements.

When developing new tools, FELCO takes into account the needs of its customers and

the inalienable values of the company:

  • quality
  • innovation
  • awareness
  • humility
  • professionalism

These values determine the corporate philosophy and are integral to each individual employee.

Sustainability as the basis of success

Sustainability is one of the cornerstones on which FELCO built their success. Every single tool is developed to work in harmony with nature. The environment and its protection are the focus right from the beginning of the manufacturing process. Unnecessary waste is effectively avoided through the production of extremely durable and robust products whose parts can be easily replaced.

Top-class products that meet the highest demands

Each FELCO product must meet a number of criteria. This is the only way to ensure that the manufacturer's products meet the high requirements.

  • Perfect ergonomics
  • Outstanding ease of use
  • Low weight
  • Limitation of effort
  • Replaceable Components
  • Longevity

FELCO attaches just as much importance to stable interpersonal relationships, characterized by mutual respect and trust. This applies to relationships with suppliers as well as those with employees and customers. Closeness, sharing the same values, long-term cooperation, loyalty and diversity characterise these relationships. With a workshop for social reintegration, FELCO also fulfills its social responsibilities.

When experience meets innovation, unique products are created. In the online shop of Bloomling, find a selection of top products from FELCO. Low prices and convenient delivery to your home round off our offer.