Westland Bonsai Potting Soil TF, 4 l

A peat-free option for gorgeous bonsai trees

Contents: 4 l

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Features & Advantages

  • For vibrant green foliage
  • Promotes root formation
  • 100% peat-free

Item no.: SER-737382, Content: 4 l, EAN: 4260376737399


Westland's Peat-Free Bonsai Potting Soil is the ideal choice for an environmentally friendly foundation for these gorgeous miniature trees. Peat extraction puts a strain on ecologically sensitive areas which is why peat-free soil is a sustainable choice.

This bonsai potting mix offers a good balance between drainage, water retention and aeration. Water and nutrients are evenly distributed thus ensuring optimal growth conditions and vibrant green foliage. So give these miniature beauties the care they need and enjoy their unique character!

  • Environmentally friendly potting soil for bonsai without peat
  • Composition is specifically tailored to the needs of bonsai
  • Promotes root penetration and ensures vibrant foliage
  • With zinc complex for the optimal start after repotting
  • Ensures optimal aeration
  • Stores water and counteracts overwatering and root rot
  • Reduces fly infestations significantly
Brands: Westland
More information

Raw materials: 55% vegetable matter from forestry, vegetable matter from agriculture, clay (raw clay), fertilisers (NPK fertiliser, lime ammonium nitrate, kieserite, calcium sulfate, zinc ammonium acetate)

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