Eco Tillandsia Exclusive Tillandsia Funckiana Clump XXL - 60 cm

Unique and exotic

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • Great size
  • Very versatile to use
  • Culture without pot and soil

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Exclusive Tillandsia Funckiana Clump XXL - 60 cm

  • Originally from South America, tillandsia are air plants - plants that do not need soil to grow. The beautiful plants make wonderful decorations as they can be used in many creative ways. Due to its size, the Capitata XXL variety is very rare.
  • Since Tillandsia can be cultivated without pots or soil, there are no limits to your how you can use them when you're decorating - they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The plants can be placed on flat surfaces, arranged or hung up. The unusual and often bizarre growing plants look great on their own or combined with other plants. They also make unique decorations!
  • Tillandsias love high humidity and feel very comfortable in the bathroom. They look especially beautiful hung up in glass containers.

Care instructions:

  • Look for a bright and warm location with high humidity
  • Tillandsias prefer a partially shaded location outdoors
  • Spray the plants with decalcified water or rainwater twice a week


  • This tillandsia comes from a small family business in Guatemala that specializes in the sustainable cultivation of tillandsia plants.

Please note:

  • The shape and appearance of the tillandsia can vary depending on the season.
Brands: Eco Tillandsia

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